Monday, July 03, 2006

More on IPTV

"IPTV does require advances in infrastructure. Even today, distribution or communication mechanisms used in TV and the Internet are significantly different. They've been slowly moving toward each other, but are far from convergence. The TV structure, whether broadcast, cable, or satellite, is primarily based on the push metaphor where all the programs are pushed to the user. The only choice a user has is to change the channel or to turn off the TV."

The major change required isn't really the infrastructure, however. It's making the tools robust yet easy to use. It is making ends meet.
That is both compressing the video content and delivering everywhere high speed Internet.
Both are already possible and feasable.
What is not possible and hence feasable right now is the OK from where it could be made possible.
Monopolies are hard to mine, even harder to destroy.
People commonly talk about the convergence of communication and computing.
IPTV is the convergence of communication, computing, and content.
The new video content will be like pages on the web.
It will explode because of the millions being both users and producers.