Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Nonmarket production"

"There's no Wikipedia entry for "Nonmarket Production." Now recurse this! . . . Think of the (anonymous) fame and (nonmarket) fortune for the author . . . if you write such an article, please let me know."

I found it a great challenge.
In my silly and primitive way I always believed that the aim of shopping was to BUY things, things that you needed or fancied.
Today I know that shopping is a social-as opposed to commercial- activity and its aim is to help the shopkeeper to get rid of his junk.

That is exactly why a "nonmarket production" should find its place in the Market as well as in the Wikipedia.

In today's world very often the goal is not reaching something, but doing it.
As, "I didn't compete for winning, I did it just for partecipating..."

In the same way evolves the shopping experience.

Shopping begins with queueing.
First of all to be a modern shopper you must be fond of queueing. It has become a widespread entertainment.
Thanks to technology you do all your tasks in a third of the time, but then you have the need to find something to do to kill the time you saved.

A man in a queue is a fair man; he is minding his own business; he lives and lets live; he practises a duty while waiting to practise his own rights, and most of everything he can spend some of his spare time while waiting to spend his spare money.

When your turn comes at last in the shop, if you are a real "nomarket product" shopper, disregard the queue behind you.
They would feel let down if you deprived them of their right to wait and be virtuous.
You MUST NOT utter a word about the goods you wish to buy.
Ask the shopkeeper about his health, his wife, his children, his dogs...
Remember: you are there not to get something, but to DO something.