Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One or many?

Seth Godin | Seth’s Blog - One story per blog. Your story could be the “everything is interesting” story of boingboing or the very narrow story of But just one story per blog.

Anita Campbell | SmallBizTrends - As a general rule you are better off creating niche blogs, and sticking to a niche. As a reader, I personally do not care to read blogs which are a hodgepodge without a strong common theme.

John Chow | - I would put it on one because it’s better to have one big site than a bunch of smaller one.

Maki | - It depends on your goals and resources. If you are creating a blog purely for fun and to satisfy your interests, it doesn’t really make a difference if you build multiple sites or a single blog. If you’re using the blog as a means to generate direct or indirect income, you should probably start by examining your resources to see if you have the time or energy to market and maintain multiple niche blogs.
If you have the resources (money + time ), you could build up several niche blogs simultaneously and inter-promote them, especially if they are in related fields. The problem with this approach is that it can be very tiring; you should probably have some prior experience with blog development, along with an intense desire for success. You need to know how to systematically and consistently promote each of your niche blogs.

Chris Garret | - Either strategy can work. I have a personal blog where I write with zero concern for building an audience, have both tightly and loosely focused blogs, while at the same time I write for many highly topic-focused blogs belonging to others. Blogs can be targeted at a specific theme, a specific audience or not focused at all.

Wendy Piersall | eMoms at Home - I think it really depends on your goals for your blog as a whole. But I have found that focusing too tightly on one topic makes it difficult to continuously come up with new material.

Penelope Trunk | Brazen Careerist - One. A good blog is really really hard to maintain. Be good at something instead of mediocre at a bunch of things, it’s more rewarding.

Leo Babauta | Zen Habits - The question, to me, isn’t the topics or their common thread … it’s your target audience. Does your target audience want to read about all of the topics, or are you really speaking to several audiences.

Glen Stansberry | - I’d have to say that it all depends on the writer. For me, if the blogger can captivate me with entertaining and useful posts, I personally wouldn’t care if he blogged about lima beans!

John Wesley | PickTheBrain - It all depends on how closely the topics are related. If there is a good chance your readers are interested in all of them, they I think you’d be better off sticking with one big blog. If you try to create a bunch of niche oriented sites, the risk is that you’ll be spread too thin to really develop any of them.

Liz Strauss | Successful-Blog - Once, when I first started blogging I heard a veteran blogger give a young man this advice, “If you start a second blog, one will always get more time than the other. You will never give them both the best of yourself.”
Do I, with three blogs of my own, want to admit this is so? No.

Tamar Weinberg | Techipedia/Top-Digger - Personally, I think that if you spread yourself too thin, you’re going to lose a core of your audience. Some of the biggest blogs feature content that may not be relevant to particular users, and that’s okay.

Donald Latumahina | LifeOptimizer - I will do it on a single blog in the beginning. The purpose is to test the water. First, I’d like to know whether or not there is sufficient response to a particular topic. And second, I’d like to know whether or not I have the passion to write about that topic.

Yaro Starak | - That really depends on the topics. I’m inclined to focus on one blog only as the blog you write to because I aim for a two hour “blogging” day,

Henrik Edberg | - I think it depends on how remote the common thread is. If it’s really not much of a common thread then you may be better off with a few blogs to not confuse your readers with a weird mix. But if the thread is a little less remote then one blog would probably better to pour all your energy into.

My conclusion:
It depends on the one who writes.
If he feels to write more than one, why not?
I personally am quite Italian in that.
I began with one and then my appetite grew.
I just made as many as I felt like making.
And then one grew and the others survived.
Easier to write in one all what I felt like writing.
If you begin a niche blog you can always widener the niche.
A blog should be the expression of the writer and of course a writer is not just one subject.
And it is not true that many become a "hodgepodge without a strong common theme".
The common theme is always one and it is the writer.
Because whatever you say or write, it is you who comes in between the lines.
I guess a blog is homogeneous in the fact that reflects what you think and feel.
You can write about whatever you like, but it will always be "your style" writing as "your style" seeing, as "your style" living.
When we are born, we borrow a certain space on this world, space that will grow and one day will disappear and will belong to somebody else.
It is up to us to leave a print or not to leave it...

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