Sunday, December 23, 2007

Technology is getting Pink

The marketing of electronic equipment is becoming increasingly geared to women, the chief executive of consumer electronics giant Best Buy has said.

When it first opened in the 1980s, Best Buy was a self-confessed "boys' toy store".

But today, everything – from the lighting, to the volume of music, to the types of conversations with salespeople – is influenced by the power of the technologically savvy female shopper.

"Sure, our stores used to have one primary customer in mind…that was the young, techno-savvy male," Best Buy chief executive Brad Anderson told USA Today.

"Today we know there are more than just young men in our stores – men and women, all ages, all ethnicities and uncountable backgrounds."

However, the vice president of Best Buy, Julie Gilbert, told the newspaper the company would be careful not to "alienate the guys", insisting: "We're not going to paint the stores pink."


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