Friday, December 14, 2007

The stereotypes about my country: Italy. An answer to The New York Times

"ROME — All the world loves Italy because it is old but still glamorous. Because it eats and drinks well but is rarely fat or drunk. Because it is the place in a hyper-regulated Europe where people still debate with perfect intelligence what, really, the red in a stoplight might mean."

All world loves the idea of Italy, an idea that lives on newspapers, magazines, commercials, expectations of tourists.
The Real Italy is much more and much less.
Italy is old, but is extremely young in a few people.
Old people who think young because there are no young people anymore and life goes on, the bills arrive everyday and your stomach must be filled in spite of...

In spite of not having infrastructures.
In spite of not having a working Justice system.
In spite of having to feed ( and feed gorgeously) the biggest number of politicians pro capite.
In spite of having the lowest income in Europe.
In spite of having the higher cost of living in Europe.
In spite of being italian, thinking italian and behaving Italian.

How can we still survive?

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