Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The miracle man

Will he be able, or won´t he?
It depends on which sort of miracles you´re epecting.
If it is the kind of "surge et ambula" said to a dead corpse, that surely won´t happen.
There is just One who was able of that and we are not even so sure about it.
If you, more realistically expect miracles like "if you work hard and in the right way you´ll get somewhere", that is the kind I am sure he will be able to do.
And this is the only possible kind.

How long it will take it is hard to say, it depends how hard and how well one goes on the right road, how much one is willing to accept in term of exchanging useless things for valuable efforts.
It is like in a diet.
If you eat too much and you get a lot of weight, than you have to eat less than what you consume or consume more than what you eat to get to your ideal weight.
It is hard, but not impossible.

Good Luck Mr. President, the World expects a lot from you, don´t delude us.

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