Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the future will be

"The advance of technology alone – and nanotechnology in particular – will result in a future of incredible abundance and prosperity, and that alone will solve most of the problems that plague us. Space migration, intelligence increase, and life extension will be commonplace realities. These things, plus the growth of both knowledge and its accessibility and the concomitant rise of the individual from the group, will constantly diminish politics as an element of life. The future will be much better than anything visualized on Star Trek, and will arrive much sooner. That’s the good news."

The bad news is that I, and many with me will not last long enough to see it.
But we have to accept the fact that we have a small room in this world and we must be ready to give it up when our time comes and that is when our followers will need that space.
What we do singularly matters very little.
It is what we do as world’s citizens that matters.
Good or bad, Humanity has progressed a lot since coming into the picture
Sometimes going forward, sometimes a little backward, backward enough to go forward again.
And that is the answer to the question: What are we, and what are we for?
We are here to make the world go on, for what reason we do not know, may be just because it has to.
And we are immortal, we have an immortal soul, that is our DNA chain which lives long after our bodies are dead.
We have to die because our bodies are not good enough after a certain age to do what they are supposed to, and we have to leave the space to the bodies who are good enough to do it.
So, the long term future is progress, the short term is what we make out of it.
Enjoying what we have, small pleasures of life, and doing what we can for the world we live in...

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