Saturday, January 03, 2009

Opportunity lies on the edge of depression

They say Humorism is born from extreme despair and I agree.
In principle the Renaissance, one of the lightest moment in Italian History, was born in the Middle Ages.
And we are, no doubt, on the verge of a modern Middle Age.
But, on the contrary of what universally believed, the Middle Ages were a period of intense cultural activities, what brought later to the Art and cultural explosion of the Renaissance.
Wars bring destruction (and I really do not believe in them), but certain people, too bad, the majority of people, need destruction to be able to rebuild.
So does Nature. After a big fire there is new life growing and, from the ashes, even better.
May be we need failure and bankruptcy to grow a new society, where ideals are ot just words and nice images, but reality.
So, welcome depression, if that means a better future.

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F said...

I completely agree with you.