Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why blaming TV?

"I wish for people to disconnect, turn off their cable service and alter their awareness, but I don't have your faith that they can pry themselves away from that blue glow -- now in high definition and 3D!"

It is not bad that people watch TV, on the contrary it is a good thing.
What is bad is WHAT they broadcast on it.
It is, as usual, the best way to lose a very good opportunity to deliver some kind of education to people who do not have it in any other way.
And do not come and tell me that those people wouldn’t look.
If they had nothing else they would.
People very often give the fault to something that in reality is not guilty.
I will make a few examples: Capitalism.
Now it is the devil, the source of ALL our misfortune, when Capitalism has NOTHING to do with speculation, fraud, cheating.
It would have happened the same in ANY other form of government.
The people who did it would have just used different means.
Second example: the measures taken to solve the crisis.
I guess that lowering the interest rate, pushing people to spend is ACTUALLY the best way to stimulate production.
Infact it upgraded 8, China.
Because the people who got the money to spend consumed more, but what was produced somewhere else.
The ones who took advantage were, as usual, the few who do a great business buying there and selling here (or producing there).
They say economy is stagnant because people have too many goods.
the reality is that there is no balance.
If, as once, things were produce in US (or for me in Europe) they would be more expensive, so people would BUY less (but spend the same) and THEY would have a job, and the money would go back to the local producer.
Do we need five cell phones? Do we need to change the washing machine every year?
Do we need three or four TV?
We need one, good quality, that lasts longer.
If it costs five times more, but lasts five times more in reality we are even happier, we do not have to go and buy a new one, to have problems having to dispose of the old one and so on...
We would have more time to look at something higher level on TV.
Who cares if the choice was among 3 channels instead of 300?
One GOOD is better than 1,000,000 shits.

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