Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan the new NEVERLAND

On March 11, 2011 the world changed. Nothing is going to be like it was before.
We have entered the post-nuclear era.
A new era without delirium for nuclear energy.
Japan has sacrificed itself for us, certainly not voluntarily, but that’s what’s happened.
If the nuclear nightmare that has been with us since the end of the second world war, from Chernobyl to Three Mile Island, stops (and it will) we owe it to the sacrifice of millions of people escaping the Fukoshima cloud.
A biblical exodus. Not even imaginable.
Japan risks to become the " Neverland", a place you don’t enter and you don’t leave. A nuclear trap.
Which fleet will rush to help the population of the East of Japan?
Contaminated Japanese merchandise will no longer leave the country.
Perhaps the cloud will reach Europe if the wind blows West.
The feeling of what happened is too big, too deep to stand.
People have immediately understood that the nuclear Era has gone forever.

Man is the most intelligent of all creatures of the Globe, infact he discovered the nuclear power, but no mouse (an inferior creature) will ever build a mouse trap...

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