Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Again about the Japanese

"The contrast with what happened after the Haiti earthquake last January or Hurricane Katrina in 2005 could not be more stark.
It is impossible—and I mean impossible—to imagine any black population anywhere in the world behaving like the Japanese.
Japanese are united both in suffering and in the struggle to rebuild. Japan is far better prepared to face calamity than America or Europe because Japan has had the wisdom to remain Japanese."
Japanes don´t loot

I always thought the Japanese were different, and they are.
Nevertheless I was born in Europe and I think I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else.
I always wondered how you can live in such a small space, sleep in a coffin-like bed, bowing before talking, smiling when you would like to shout and so on...
I think all this behavior is more a facade than inner feelings.
It is enough to see how easily they lie, even in front of evidence, to understand that their inner nature is but acting.
In front they bow and in the back they stub you.
When you see them, they perform the part of the ultra civilized people, in the back they show their real nature,
In that article they were not thieves... ever read that ALL the Mediterranean tuna is caught by Japanese and shipped to Japan where it is sold at up to 1000 dollars a kilogram?
And in the 70s, they were thieves of technology, just as the Chinese are now...
I am sorry, I do not believe there is a race better than the other.
After all the psychological studies you find out that, as unpleasant as it can be, behind each of us there is a communal thing that is called human nature.

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