Saturday, May 07, 2011

Peak oil?

"Once oil peaks, growth is over. "

I think that it is exactly the opposite.
Finding cheap energy blocked progress.
Without oil we would be much more ahead.
We would have found better ways to produce energy.

One century is lost.
And more than anything which growth is over?
The millions tools we import from China that last once or twice and then we have to throw them away?
The millions washing machines, vacuum cleaners and so on...that last a few times and then you have to throw them away because "it is not worth to repair".
The million clothes we have to throw away because "not fashionable" as the big couturiers say...
If that growth is over I am happy, it is a great day for humanity.
Who doesn’t understand now will understand in the future.
I forgot all the "Mc Mansions" built with plastic and cheaply done.
We will begin to build again houses that last centuries and are tornado proof...
Peak oil? Welcome, it took long, but finally the moment of truth has come.

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