Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What drives us to apparent moral turpitude

"it is this madness (civilization) that drives us to apparent moral turpitude"

No, it is much simpler: it is human nature.
Yes we could go back in the world divided in tribes, but the outcome would be exactly the same: a tribe wanting to prevail the other.
Somebody wanting all the land.
They didn’t have nuclear weapons, but they used sticks and arrows, not only to kill animals, also to kill each other.
I guess the reason is a very simple one: the widespread, unavoidable truth that we will die, and there is nothing after death.
Religion can help, as long as people believe that there is hell if you do not behave.
But the moment you realize that you have an average of 80 years to enjoy this world, then you try to enjoy the most, even if it means you will do it on others expenses.
Since dawn of humanity there were many trying to modify human nature, with wisdom, laws, religions.
But sooner or later it comes out, this exasperated survival instinct, this "right" to happiness, this hope to be better having more, no matter how and what.

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