Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Since the Autumn of 200 I have an e-books Website.

It is one of my hobbies.

As books lover I always had this dream of being kind of a publisher and the electronic format gave me a good chance.

Electronic books and magazines have a big advantage compared to the traditional ones, they have  a very low cost, especially when it comes to colour pictures and they can display video and sound.

The electronic media in my opinion was the best for magazines.

But at that time it had a big problem: to read any book or magazine you needed to be in front of your computer.

I am very happy to say that finally we have come to what I have always dreamed for : a tablet to store and display your ebooks and e magazines.

And I am also very happy to see that

Ringier , a Swiss company, has launched an application for for tablets with internationally relevant content and a highly intuitive User-Navigation system.

This is great news if you happen to own a tablet, since it can be used as iPad application.

This appazine will do all what I could dream an electronic book or magazine would do:  highly inter-active design , first-class articles, audio, photos and videos, inter-active elements will include panoramic photography, 3D digital animation, creative morphing, rubbing, X-Ray lens and much much more.

The content will include globally relevant topics (see pictures below) which will excite and challenge top-tier audiences. It will be the first to be published simultaneously in English, German and Chinese.


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