Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is the newspapers time over?

We need journalists, but for what?
To cook the same news from the same sources?
To report about the same boring press conferences?
To republish today the same news that readers read already YESTERDAY?
To print pages and pages of the same informations nobody is really interested in?
To fill pages and pages of stuff that are in more than one web site?

The real challenge in the news industry is not how many people are journalists, but how many can really change the rules and traditions of a newspaper that does not work anymore.

Today´s problem is: newspapers are loosing or not attracting talented people because talented people cannot express themselves in a new way.

But what is vital for the survival of news(papers)?
In a fast changing society the communication means HAVE to change FAST.
Or to die.
"Everything must change in order to be always the same"
Do newspaper want to attract customers as they used to?
They have to understand that life has changed and so the consumers' needs.
When TV appeared Hollywood slowly adapted to the new reality and came to people's home.
Now the Internet has revolutioned the way people buy, entertain and inform themselves.
So that stores, entertainments and information HAS to come to them or just loose them.
This is the choice to do.
And it won't be painless, because gone are also the big revenues.
In a virtual world everything has got very cheap, because there is no paper, no printing, not even few almost monopolistic newspaper, and many which recooked the same news.
There is a huge world which is slowly opening, which could mean huge revenues because of the number.
Yes, in today's world what makes good revenues is the huge number.
What about a newspaper on line for a 10 dollars yearly fee?
Or even less.
It looks very cheap, but it could be profitable.
What about a newspaper made by many selected articles, to suit the tastes of the people.
What about many niche markets?
What about real news in real time?
What about a newspaper which is international and in the same time has local news?
What about the end of "the same size fits all?"
This is the beautiful of the Internet and the virtual THING: everything is cheaply possible.
And the one who will have the best ideas in the shortest time, HE will be the winner.
No, the newspaper time is not over, it just began...

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