Friday, July 15, 2011

Who profits?

That is the question you have to ask if you want to find a murderer.
Who profits?
That is exactly the same question I asked myself to understand what is happening.
Who are the speculators, who earns out of the situation?
There is just one answer: the BANKS.

Take Italy.
After the speculative attack, the bonds had to pay interest rates almost at 6%...
Who pays the interests? The Italian people
What happens?
The European bank, the International monetary fund (the International Mafia Federation) come at Italy rescue.
They give the money.
To whom?
To Italy?
No to the Banks.
Now the Banks have 50 billion Euros on which they pay 1% interest rates.
Now they CAN lend to Italy 500 billion Euros.
Buying their bonds which pay 6% interest rates...
They pay 1% on 50 billion and can lend 500 billions at 6%...
Not a bad deal...
And the risk is zero, because, if Italy defaults ( which will not happen) the state WILL bail out the banks.

That is exactly who profits.
That is the murderer.

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