Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is behind the speculators

What do you have to do to keep somebody as your slave?
Simply put him in debts with you.

What is happening to Greece in first row and Italy just a few days ago, is very clear to me.
Speculators dump State bonds, obliging the country to upgrade the interest rates to make them more alluring.
But higher interest rates mean to strangle a country and killing it.

What happens?
The BCE and the IMF come to its rescue.
They lend enough money to survive, at a very low interest rate, so that the country can buy back enough bonds to keep the interest rate low. (the money lent is at a very low interest).

And this would be a really good strategy.
If a country has low interests to pay can think of being able to repay the debts.
Where is the catch?

They impose harsh conditions, so that the Nation dies and is swallowed in a higher state, the state of Europe which is ruled by big corporations, banks, financial institutions.
Do you want the money?
Well, you must sell the Parthenon at the price I tell you.
You must buy Monsanto seeds; you must do this and that.

It is like giving food to an animal which is starving at the condition to put it in a cage.

Good bye old nations of Europe, welcome to the new United States of Europe, the exact copy of the United States of America.

Ever asked yourself WHY the unemployment rate is so high?
Why salaries are getting so low?
Why quality food is so bad?
Why what is happening, is happening?

Cola´si vuole dove si puote cio´che si vuole...

Because that is what they want there, where they can, what they want...

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