Friday, September 07, 2012

A Ferrari with the 500 fiat engine

Draghi succeded in what Germany mostly feared: to transform the euro into the lira. And Italians are very happy.
It is like building a Ferrari with the 500 fiat engine.
It looks great, it costs much less than a Ferrari and it does what a Ferrari is for: it is a status symbol.
Because most people do not buy a Ferrari to go 300 km. pe hour, it is not even possible.
In italian Freeways you have the limit of 140 and it is unthinkable to drive at 300 km. on a normal road.
So why do you need a Ferrari? To show that you can afford it.
Most italians DO NOT want to go back to the lira.
Mostly because it shows the "old" "unimportant" "weak" country.
While having a currency like the euro, in common with strong states like Germany, is like having a Ferrari: you can show who you are.
So, what is the ultimate goal if you cannot afford a strong currency?
Adopting a strong one and using it like a weak.
A Ferrari with the 500 fiat engine, that is it.

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