Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The economy

"Economy is about what we actually do to stay alive: make things, trade things, grow things, run things. Finance is supposed to be about maintaining the flows of accumulated wealth to support these things we do - with a modest service charge for the financiers who do the work. But in the great divorce of truth from reality in our time, finance is only about pretending to maintain these "capital" flows. In fact, it has degenerated into a set of looting operations, swindles, frauds, and political dodges, and it is on the verge of blowing up."JK

The economy now is about markets.
How markets react, what is the interest rate, who wins who looses.
Economy is the fight between the people who produce and the ones who suck.
The first getting poorer and the second richer.
Exactly like in the Medioeval times.
On one side the poor who worked and on the other the rich who enjoyed life.
And in between the mass of lawyers, judges, polititcians who make laws that look in favor of the poor, but make the rich richer.
When reality is nothing else than a dream, then the dream can be manipulated.
It doesn´t matter what it is, it matters what you believe it is.

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