Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do I have reccomendations?

"I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I'm still new to everything. Do you have any recommendations for beginner blog writers? I'd genuinely appreciate it."

Well, i do not think I have any, since I would need some myself...
I began this blog some time ago.
I wanted to write about VoIP, that is why the name...
But after a while (not too long) I ran out of ideas, because you can write several pages about VoIp but then you are finished, unless you are an IT guru, which I am not.
My knowledge about IT is mostly my husband...he is an expert, not me, so it is kind of limited.
So, I decided I would go on writing about technology, which is kind of wider subject.
But then I liked also to talk about myself and I am kind of a philosopher, so I ended up saying: in this blog I will talk about VoIp, technology, myself and life.
So I can write about whatever I like.
I write when I fell like doing it and when I have something to say, and I am not too lazy to do it...
If thoughts were posts my blog would be full of them, may be 100 a is easier to think than to write.
The nice thing of blogging is that you can do it and you are not obliged to do it.
So my dear friend, welcome in the blogosphere and do not forget to write your blog address, so that I can have a look.
The next nice thing after blogging is commenting somebody else´s blog...

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