Thursday, October 01, 2009

Communication is sharing

Communication, (which in my opinion is the heart of blogging) is not sharing information’s, but how we LIVE the information.
That is what a journalist does and is expected to do.
I do not read what you write to KNOW, I read what you write because I like the WAY you write it, and the feeling of the story you are telling me.

How can I, if you didn’t actually say anything about it?
"In the company of nudists, no one is naked and there is nowhere to hide."
That means that in a blog where you talk about yourself through your opinions you would feel "fake" if you didn’t talk about the most important part of you.

"It’s one matter for me to disclose my business relationships, politics, religion, and stock ownership on my blog’s “about” page; it’s another to do this."
You couldn’t just NOT talk about it, because you know that is something "men don’t like talking about penises "while you know that it is illogical not to.
If you think why not, then it must be.

Your posts are good because one can feel that they are true and "lived".
This is what real journalism should be.
People do not want to read about a "story" they want to read about "people" who make the story.
People want to be part of the "news" and in order to do so the good journalist has to write more about feelings than events.
Communication is mostly sharing the joy of living and the fear of death we all have inside.

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