Thursday, October 01, 2009

Light makes the place

Light makes the place.
A dark space is usually of no use.(not always)
I used to be one of those who believed there were few kinds of lights and those almost all alike.
I was very wrong and found it out when I stumbled upon Magnalight website.
You do not believe how many kinds you can have, so many you could get lost.
But if you have any special need, this is absolutely the place.
For example, if you need any kind of remote lights, here you can choose among hundreds of different types.
Did you know that you can have a motorized remotely, wirelessly controlled light?
The remote control’s buttons (four) can control the full rotation of the light.
Once you decided which is the right position, you just have to release the buttons and the spotlight remains locked in that position until a button is pressed again.
Additionally you have the Cr5 Pentabeam II technology that combines a five-sided parabolic reflector with an axial filament Phillips 9011 bulb.
The result?
A bright beam to penetrate dark spots, that reaches distances of up to a half-mile away.
And you can have all the possible additional features.
Did you know the difference between Halogen incandescent bulbs and HID lights?
The first producing light produces also heat which eventually destroys the filament if vibration doesn't snap it first.
HID works with a different technology.
They use a gas that gives the color to the light.
Besides having a more natural light, require fewer amps to run than a comparable wattage incandescent lamp.
They offer more light with longer battery life, they are durable and long lasting in addition to being far brighter.
So, even at a higher price they cost less, because last longer and consume less.

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