Thursday, October 08, 2009

Why traditional newspapers will die

What should a newspaper be?
Anybody would answer: a collection of the latest news and events happening locally or in the world.
In reality since newspapers had the need to produce revenues to survive, they also had the need to find customers who would produce those revenues.
My mother’s main interest on the local newspaper was the obituary column.
Knowing in real time what funeral to attend...
And what happen if just a limited number of possible customers is interested in news?
You try to find what they could eventually be interested in and deliver it.
That is something like daily horoscope, gossip about this celebrity or the other, the latest recipe for the healthiest pudding and locally talking about this and that contest, gossiping about this or that local guy and so on.

The big problem of newspapers is that THIS kind of product is much better, much sooner, much cheaper on the Internet.
Why should people buy a newspaper when they can find what they want, for free, with pictures and VIDEOS in real time, in their home, on their computer’s screen?
My mother would be still a good supporter of the local newspaper, because she didn’t own a computer and didn’t know how to use one.
But my mother is dead.
The big problem of newspapers is that they serve customers of the dead generation.

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