Thursday, October 01, 2009

The sex of the Others

The Soviet Union no longer exists, most monarchies became republics, and even China is changing.
But the Vatican is still there. There must be a reason.
The fact we can’t find it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist.
If someone kills a human being with a knife or a pistol they are violating God’s law. Do not kill.
If with your words you forbid people to use a condom and for this reason, millions of people die of AIDS it’s a matter of faith.
Applied theology.
Jesus Christ did never forbid using condoms.
Even at his times they existed.
It’s not a modern invention.
The Church bothers about the life of men, but it ignores death from AIDS.
Christ did not forbid priests getting married. He didn’t oblige them to live an alien life, inhuman, family life.
Christ attacked the Pharisees, the priests of that time.
The ones who handed him over to the Romans to kill him on the cross.
A woman cannot be a priest.
Who decided that? I don’t think it was Jesus.
A priest, a man who is not a father, a husband, a lover, how can he judge a father, a husband, a lover?
The Church is interested in sex. It discusses it every day.
The sex of the others.
It explains when it is legitimate, how to do it and with whom.
If you control sex, you control society.
The Church is rich, very rich. And among the banks, it is the biggest property owner in the world.
Its wealth is due to the work of millions of people over the centuries. Their work, their goods have gone to the Vatican, not to a family that they couldn’t have.
If the Church is dealing with what we do in bed, it’s right that we deal with the sex life of the priests.
Even for them, the time of sexual freedom has come with or without the condom.
Sex is a gift, sex is a human duty. Religious men and women must be allowed to enjoy it. I propose a referendum in the Vatican to end the sexual slavery of those in the religious life and for equal access to the sacraments for men and women. In the secrecy of the vote, the priests and the nuns would vote “yes”.
When you vote, God sees you, the Pope doesn’t.

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