Wednesday, November 03, 2010


When I was a little girl (some time ago) my favourite past time was dreaming what I would have done if I had won the lottery or some big prize.

Growing up my wishes changed, but the pleasure to think to be able, once in my life, to have enough money to do ALL the things I would have liked to, was always the same.

I had a good friend,  Laura, we shared almost everything, including this dream.

She always had the best ideas and since then I understood that nothing is as nice and looks more real than what you can share, being it a joy or a sorrow.

And you, what would you do, if suddenly you were able to win something like   £40,000?

I ask you, because it could be possible, even easier than winning at the Lotto.

PayPal launched a brilliant prize draw promotion that give everyone who enters the chance to win £40,000.

It is quite simple, you just have to buy something using PayPal.

Find out more visiting the  website


For example at <a href=",tv-and-home-entertainment/11038?q=eye"></A> you could buy something like a new Laptop.

They have wonderful offers and amazing prices....


Or what about a new Monitor? At <a href="">Ebuyer</A> they have a Samsung 23" for just £129.98


If you are looking for something very special, for you or as a present to somebody special, you could invest £29.99 for a 

Boombox Speaker T-Shirt, it even comes with free delivery...

If you still do not have an iPod, may be it is the right moment to buy one, for only £280.00 at < a href="">Misco</A>.

A real bargain could be (in the case you buy the iPod) the CAMBRIDGE AUDIO iD10Black iPod Dock  for £ <a href=""> Richer Sounds</A>


What can I say more...

Everything is so easy, you can buy everything you like, just sitting in front of your computer and may be even win a lot of money...

And if you don´t? Dreaming is always the best pastime and costs nothing...

Enter now for your chance to win



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