Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WW3 is here

We've always thought that WW3 would involve soaring missiles and mushroom clouds, but I think we're already in the midst of WW3 and the shadowy forces who foment war are winning -- without firing hardly a shot (at least in comparison to other wars).

Their goal, as always, is to profit from war and even they know that there is nothing to be gained for them from dueling nukes. Instead they have conducted economic warfare -- and they're winning. First, they saturate the banking system with toxic securities, creating a bubble of unsustainable debt, and thereby bring banks and governments to their knees.

Once that's done, they blame the working people for the problem and offer to "bail out" the bankrupt countries -- but only if they'll cut wages, eliminate social programs, privatize the infrastructure, and a host of other things that will bring about a domination of the populace to a degree that couldn't be accomplished with war. They call it "austerity."

It's proceeding apace in the US -- oddly enough cheered on by the very people who will suffer the most -- and now the sights are set on Europe.

Even the normally sane Paul Krugman said that Spain's problems were due in part to the soaring wages. I wonder if Krugman has even been to Spain. About 60 percent of the people make 1,000 euros a month and are just getting by. Wages are not, in fact, soaring. Contrary to right-wing propaganda, Spain's problems did not come from their health care or education or their pension system. Spain was doing fine until the bankers and developers decided -- and were encouraged -- to emulate the US housing/lending/toxic security bubble.

But one country after another is falling, and falling faster than any military leader could hope for. Pretty soon, the forces of unrestrained corporate capitalism will dominate most of the industrialized world to the detriment of the 90 percent of people who aren't among the financial elite. WW3 will have ended without one mushroom cloud.

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