Thursday, November 04, 2010

Playing with colours

I like to live in a warm and nice house.
Because I spend most of my time in it and being surrounded by the things you like and you enjoy is the best way to spend your life.
But my house is not a museum, one of those places which are glamorous, but you cannot live comfortably, because of the limitations of the environment.
I love marble and wood, but prefer laminate and tiles.
Because they are easy to clean, survive most mistreatments ( if you have children you know what I mean) and so pleasant to walk on, especially in summer.
For example my bathroom tiles are marble alike.
They look the same, but you can wash them as much as you like, knowing they won’t loose their shine and colour.(they must be a good quality of course, it doesn’t pay to use low quality tiles).
I love glass tiles, the kind you can use to make mosaics.
For example, if you want something very special, that your children will love, you can make a mosaic using red, white and blue tiles, the colour of the subway tiles, (I am talking about London subway).
You can make the most amazing and original bathroom, just playing with colours!

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Mark said...

I love glass tiles, did my bathroom with them last year and simply love it.