Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You should NEVER spoil your dreams making them into reality.

"We are caught in the web of duality ,only viewing things in the context of opposites. Our politics is left and right our economy is grow or shrink our religions are good and evil(God and the Devil).Our fear based Ego is aligned with the status quo beliefs and ideologies.No one wants to be left out; go along to get along. We will vote in the politician that promotes the status quo dream.Reality sucks ,balance ,dynamic equilibrium ,sustainability are fearful to the Ego.Reality doesn't give a dam about the dream so sit back and watch the conflict on your big screen tv with all the comforts of misplaced resources the fun is just beginning.Happy Landing."

We spend our lives chasing dreams, tryig to make them reality, just to realize too late that the reality of the dream is never so fulfilling as the dream, that you should NEVER spoil your dreams making them into reality.

2 comments: said...

Thank you for the inspiring post !!!! great work !!1

peter kenneth said...

Lovely thought !!! keep writing like this !!! i have bookmarked your page and it was my pleasure that i landed here and read your post !!