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Europe : a living hell.

In 1997, Bettino Craxi said:

"They show Europe as a kind of earthly paradise.
For us, at best, will be a limbo, in the worst case scenario, Europe will be a living hell.
So you have to think about what you are doing, because the most reasonable thing of all is to request, to ask the renegotiation of the Maastricht criteria, since we are a great country, because if Italy needs Europe, Europe needs Italy, do not forget. "

Now that we are finally in full recession, and now that our wallets are becoming anorexic, now that the privatization of the Bank of Italy implemented overnight in 1992 by the devious rat Amato and made definitive by the trio Prodi-Padoa Schioppa-Napolitano has become a chain, we are increasingly liable for the leeches of international finance.
Now we are, with our own taxes, filling the holes of the German and French bankers friends Monti and Passera, now that the financial Fourth Reich (it is no coincidence that the headquarters of the European Central Bank is not allocated in Milan, rather than Lyon or to 'Hague, but in Frankfurt) has succeeded in finally reducing Greece to starvation we should meditate on the Dictatorship of Europe.

What were the origins?

The origins are from far away.
A project of "perpetual peace" based on homogenisation of all people and all states, primarily those in Europe, dating back to the early Humanism and then passed to the philosophers of the eighteenth century to Kant who wrote just a "Project perpetual peace. "
It was quite clearly a philosophical speech, a theoretical hypothesis without any links with reality, but the politicians and the Anglo-American financiers have used them at the end of the First World War, to launch, under the ideal of peace, the idea of ​​a union of European states.
American-led federal union which in reality was supposed to begin as an economy and a global market.

What is the relationship debit / credit between the European Union and Italy?

I do not think we can speak of a give and take relationship.
If we consider the comparison between what Italy gives to EU in money as the share of VAT compulsory annual salaries and expenses with what it receives as aids or agricultural subsidies and other such things we are already in the minus zone, but we must add the damage of the loss of currency sovereignty, with all what it involves, and the payment of interest (seigniorage) to the bankers of the European Central Bank.
How to calculate the loss of its territory with the elimination of the borders established by the Treaty of Schengen?
The loss of independence of our country with the associated loss of prestige of the name of a nation and a civilization that has impressed from the time of Rome onwards, our vision of Europe?
Not to mention the loss of freedom for the production of its products, with the planned imposition of agricultural crops, the extermination of magnificent cows to the exchange of fruit that travels from one end of the world to unite Chinese tomatoes and Brazilian zucchini.
There is nothing to balance all this.

What are the dark sides the European project is hiding?

What has never been clearly stated by any of our politicians: the ultimate goal of globalization, one world government.
For all people, one language, one religion, one currency, one identity, one culture, one country.
Personally, however, I am convinced that globalization is not the ultimate goal, but rather the instrument for an additional purpose of which I do not know anything.
The reason I believe that globalization can not be the final goal is obvious: you can not keep billions of different people together.
Language, affections between groups territorially close, necessarily stronger (or hostility)also with distant groups.
In short, the equality does not last even for a short period if not imposed with violence of a dictatorial power (as happened in the Soviet world) and without dictatorship, of course the world government could not exist.

What damage did the euro to the national economy?

So large that it is impossible to calculate.
The single currency has been called "the heist of the century" but in reality only five or six bankers, those who designed it and who have collected the fruit, are able to make a calculation.
In reality it was plkaned that people would never be able to have an exact idea, mathematics, of what was going on, so that bankers could rely in carrying out the robbery.
If we focus on, only what we can see, we can not be wrong: with a monthly salary of two million lire any Italian citizen lived well, with the corresponding one thousand euro can not live.
But it is also impossible to calculate the damage caused by the anxiety of having to use an unknown currency, the fear of making a mistake losing what little you have, in addition the general doubling of prices was due, not, as has been said, by the dishonesty of traders, but by the inflation deliberately inserted to avoid the awareness of the people, that we continue to suffer without hope of recovery, while the ECB declares barely 2%, and that alone led to bankruptcy countries in which it was higher, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.
We absolutely have to leave the euro if we want to save ourselves.

What damage is producing the Schengen agreement on security and legality?

Each state has always been equipped with borders , but now Italy is no longer a state.
Which, after all, is the primary purpose of the European unification: the elimination of the States.
There are neither people nor customs controls for goods, which, according to the Maastricht Treaty, must move freely throughout the Union.
Immigration is obviously exploded due to a lack of boundaries: if one does not have boundaries can not accuse anyone of being in his house, or rather can not claim it to be his own house.
Every citizen of the Union may establish in Italy and have the right to vote and stand in local elections.
The immigrants came from all over the world almost invited because the common feature of all our leaders always was an absolute contempt and hatred for Italy and wanted to trample, to destroy the Italians.
They did it for two thousand years and continue to do so.
So that the immigrants come in mass in Italy, a land dreamed for centuries ...

Europe has failed even before beginning.

What has failed is what I think now visible to all.
It failed even before starting because the goal was political unification and the political unification of nations such as France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy (to name only the most important), with their own long history of civilization, with their own language, their own literature, their own journey of independence was not even "thinkable".
The various Kohl, Mitterand who wanted at all costs to the Union,started from the currency because they knew in this way they could achieve political union.
It was a case of operations "in theory", done in pure fiction.
"Europe is a bluff" as Prof. Lucio Caracciolo, deep expert in geopolitics says.
Yes, it's a bluff, but played in the guise of democracy, with the lives of people with their identity, their freedom with their affections, with their wealth.
A crime that still no emperor, no dictator, no tyrant had ever done.

Who has the "merits" of our entry into the euro system?

There is no doubt: Ciampi and Prodi. With the support of all the others, but also the fact that the left has called, in a surprising move, Mr Romano Prodi as its leader, though it was an old Democrat, solely for this purpose: to bring Italy into the euro deceiving the electorate, the workers, who never would have guessed that the left had sided with the bankers and capitalists.
TO Ciampi, however, the governor of the Bank of Italy and therefore assumed a leading expert on currency transactions in the eyes of the Italians, was given the task to devalue the lira to the edge of collapse and sell almost all state assets to bring Italy in "economic conditions" for Europe.
I can not even imagine what a special circle of Hell Dante would have created for these two men if he had the horrible misfortune to meet them .

What can be done to rebuild the national social and economic system?

Immediately suspend the Schengen agreement so that Italy can defend itself by all possible means from immigration and the allocation in our territory of foreigners of all kinds.
It is useless to appeal to the EU.
The European Union was created specifically to destroy nations, states, the identity of the people, so the migration is provoked and encouraged as the best tool to achieve these goals.
Italy must face this reality and, even if the politicians can not say so openly, relying only on its own strength and prepare against very stringent and coercive moves.
Our small area can not accommodate even one person more (at the time of the unification of Italy, the population reached to 25 million, now exceeds 60.)
There are vast continents and countries almost uninhabited as Canada, the United States of America, Australia, Africa, Russia so it does not make sense that those who want to change their country come to Italy.
At the same time with the suspension of the Schengen treaty, Italy should leave the euro, recovering monetary sovereignty.
This operation is recommended by many economists, both Italian and foreigners to all countries that have economies too different to be squeezed in a single guideline.
It would certainly cost, but nothing compared to the benefits of short-and long-term.
In addition, as the euro and the European Central Bank are the only concrete institutions of the EU, abandoning them, would be the concrete meaning of a negative judgment against real European unification.

Does Italy need to find the Italians or has already given up?

The problem are the leaders, rulers, politicians of all parties, the Pope, the clergy.
They are the ones that - I repeat strongly - want the destruction of Italy and tend to multiculturalism and internationalism of Freemasonry.
The people are not able to take the initiative without a guide, without a leader.
I hope, however, that someone will feel the love for Italy and for its freedom and so the liberation can begin.
There are many enzymes in the league against the dominance of the European Central Bank and against Freemasonry installed on the upper floors of Europe.
I also know, for I saw it by myself that there are small scattered movements against the euro, starting with the now classic party "No euro". The association "Free Italians " is full of people who want freedom from any foreign domination of Italy, including the United States.
We do not have the necessary economic forces to organize a party, but I hope that we can work together, beyond any ideology, to liberate Italy.

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