Monday, January 28, 2013

Europe should have rewritten story. History has killed Europe

Europe should have rewritten story. History has killed Europe.

The European Union, proposed more than fifty years ago as a major step towards the future, in 2007 was imposed as a fair and inexorable future.
Today, the results are before everybody´s eyes , and yet many struggle to see them, because now the machine of political and economic interests put in motion has brainwashed the Italians conscience, since the Italians have accepted the Union as a matter in fact, and with it the loss of their national identity, as well as various personal rights.
The result is the story of how a project, a "great ideal" (only on paper) helped to make us poorer, less secure and certainly less free.
While the union shows its uselessness, the policy is silent, the dream Community has stolen our freedom.

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