Sunday, January 27, 2013

The shadow banking system: the unification of a world ruled by bankers.

The missionary and journalist P. Giulio Albanian has added an article in the January issue of its magazine "People and mission," a question as fundamental as ignored by the press and that we report here hoping to help to understand.
We also would like that our leaders, astute bankers who never have enough of the so called "transparency and traceability" of our meager income, chasing the strength of what we now consider their particular police, the military of Finance, all our receipts, every bit received, explain us "their" interest in keeping these operations in the shadows .
It is pointless to take into account our politicians : once they have reduced Parliament to the farce of saying "yes" to the bankers, they have become the famous monkeys who do not see, do not hear , do not speak , exclusively engaged in the protection of their careers.

"This is an important study on the" shadow banking system ", the shadow banking world, published by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the International Institute for coordination of governments, central banks and supervisory authorities for financial stability globally.
Carefully reading this text, you find that something in the origin of the global financial crisis is aberrant.
The study focused on the so-called eurozone and other 25 countries, highlights the fact that at the end of 2011 over 67 thousand billion were managed by a "parallel finance " out of control of any banking regulations in force, a figure that is equivalent to 111% of world GDP and is equal to half of the global banking and about one quarter of the entire financial system.

Throughout this study we have the impression of being in the presence of a subversive movement that speculates with impunity to the detriment of sovereign states and especially of the poorer classes.
In other words, if on the one hand, there are bank accounts with the savings of citizens and businesses, on the other we have this secret banking system, consisting of all financial transactions made outside the regular banking transactions.

Coinciding with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of the systemic crisis of the markets, there are different operations performed by financial intermediaries, such as certain operators specializing in the placement of "derivatives," those financial products which, to a large extent, have polluted the markets.
These activities, strictly over the counter (OTC), which entered from outside the stock markets, are often kept outside the financial statements.
Some leading economists believe that the "shadow system" is often an emanation of the big international banks that have an interest to circumvent the rules and controls to which they are subjected. "

Of course none of this is new: it was discussed in books and articles (see "The European Dictatorship") several years ago and thoroughly discussed in many websites, but as always has happened with regard to ' European Union and the single currency, and political leaders ignore any questions, go over with dictatorial indifference to the demands and needs of his subjects, having only one aim to carry through their power project: the unification of a world ruled by bankers.
It does not matter the evident failure of many of their businesses, including the euro, since they are rich in money and power, things they have stolen from their citizens.
The balance, in fact, is this: as much as the citizens of Europe have lost in sovereignty and money and , as much the bankers have got in power and money .
The politicians do not count: they are only at the service of the bankers, perhaps because otherwise they would lose even the appearance of power and related privileges of which they still enjoy.

The show that thousands of pirates boarding offered to us in these days in the forthcoming elections, to steal, like hungry locusts, the last remains of the squandered body of Italy, shows the extent of the involution`s irreversibility .
Nobody has questioned the fact that we have to depend from the bankers, from the high finance which governs Europe.
Nobody explained that without monetary sovereignty, it is impossible to begin to have a real market and save a few crumbs from the competition with emerging countries.
No one has talked about the end of nation-states and their independence.
Indeed, it was decided to take part in a war (the one in Mali) without discussing it in Parliament.
Nobody took into account, in a Europe that boasts of its civilization, the crime of governance structures that dominate the slaves through money, through taxation, which has become the unique "value".
Not to mention the "Catholics" as too many of the rulers bankers claim to be, while trampling the Gospel to every step.
We talk of the hierarchy of the Church, which has never condemned the European unification, wanted from the high finance and guided by the bankers, and has not even condemned the ruling bankers when the taxes led the "slaves" to despair until suicide.
But above all, we talk about the Church hierarchy itself that uses the language of the market where it speaks of "non-negotiable" values ​​.
Atrocious word that makes shivering the one who knows that there is no "non-negotiable" value in the Gospel; just a kind of sinners Jesus said "will not enter the kingdom of heaven": the rich.

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