Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The biggest cheating of ALL: THE CASHLESS SOCIETY

Iphone people enjoy: your time will come, soon and in your own country.
You will be able to do ALL your transactions with your handy, even pay the morning coffee or the bus ticket, even 20 cents (if there is still something to buy with 20 cents) will be payed with your Iphone.

THE CASHLESS SOCIETY: the dreams of the banks and the dream of the Iphoners.
For the first the reality of the dream will get every day better, for the seconds will get into a nightmare.

The famous phrase of "SOMEBODY" that " let me print the currency and I do not care who will rule" is getting even better.
He won´t even need to print, it will be enough to "add" a few zeros and from 1 dollar he will make billions and trillions.
In the same way in which the guy on the road (including you, Iphoner) can see on his account a dollar become a cent.
Do not worry, European Iphoner, YOU too will get that privilege.


Very, very simple.
1) the banks will finally fail. Not that right now they are not broke, they are.
But remember, in our society, it doesn´t matter what IS, it matters what LOOKS. And NOW they do not LOOK broke, in the near future THEY will.
And when that comes, they will be "punished" and EVERYBODY will be happy.

2) The Central banks, FED, ECB, BOE, BOJ, will take control.
We will be granted a sencond chance.
With a new currency.
Whatever will be its name, it will have one VERY special quality: it will be "virtual".There won´t be any "cash". Not only will it be FIAT and under COMPLETE control of the Bank of the International settlements (the bank of the 1%) but it will be NUMBERS on THEIR computer screen.
Numbers that will change at "their will" without any control.
In this may be I am wrong.
It will be controlled buy the politicians.
Of course the very same that brought us to it: their puppets.

So, THEY will control EVRYTHING, also the people who "control" them.

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