Saturday, June 06, 2015

The dirty game behind the Greek debt

Once again.
They did it, they postponed.But why? How?
There is a very, very simple explanation.
THIS IS MY THOUGHT. I am NOT a financial guy, I do not invest in financial products, nevertheless I am not too stupid to not understand what is behind ALL.
Why the IMF postponed the payment?
Don´t they understand that Greece is gone, that it will never pay back?
But in the financial world, at least the one of today, it doesn´t matter what IS, it matters what LOOKS.
In my opinion they WILL find an agreement at the last minute, and I will explain why and how.
It is a huge investment, a huge profit, for the BIG investors, the ones behind the scenes.
Whoever has Greek bonds, today, whoever doesn´t really understand, IS WILLING to sell.
Better today at 40 cents on the dollar than tomorrow at 0.
Let´s accept the loss and forget.
But the one who BUYS knows that his investment will prove a very lucrative one.
Especially with bonds that pay 15, 20% (compared to the bunds at negative interest). THEY WILL CERTAINLY propose Greece a hair cut, let´s say 20% or even 30%.
And if Greece accepts?(which they will)
Suppose I bought bonds at 40% of their value. I will see their final value at minimum 70% or 80%, calculate a net profit of 30 or 40%.
Without considering that THEIR value, having an interest rate minimum double of the ones that Greece will sell LATER (thanks to Draghi who will, by buying them lower enormously the interest rate) will increase accordingly .

THE SAME THAT WILL MAKE the agreement at the end of the month.
Thanks to the IMF, DRAGHI, EU.
AND THE CHEATING goes on....

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