Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Whatever it takes

G7 was about Ukraine AND Greece.
Greece MUST stay, whatever it takes.
That is what Tsipras knows and Merkel too.
First, and this is Obama´s main concern, for the big Hedge funds and billionaires of Wall street and second, that is Merkel´s main concern, the debt must TOTALLY flip from the Banks into the taxpayers´shoulders.
5% pennies on the dollar will finish for the Greek people, the rest will buy the debt from the IMF and big banks.
Where does the money come from?
Of course from "Europe" that means from the ESM which is FROM the taxpayers wallet.
Germany can "spend" up to 190 billions, which is the limit from the Supreme Court and you can bet Merkel will spend it and if necessary even more.
They ALWAYS find the way.
The German people will go into pension at 69, so that the Greek can go at 50.
The minimum wage in Germany will stay at 470 euros so that the Greek can go at 780.
Do not misunderstand me.
I perfectly know the situation of the Greek people, but I also know that a week economy cannot survive if 60% or more are employed in "services" which are the civil jobs that in reality do not make "profit".
It can work for an empire that lives on the job of the colonies, but not for Greece.
This is the simple reason Greece is Broke and won´t get better in a near future.
The only reason they will let it survive is the "transfer" of debt.
Once it will be completed bye, bye, Greece.

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