Thursday, June 18, 2015

The lies behind the truth

Schäuble V Varoufakis: it´s personal....
I do not think it is personal, it is just the fight among two people who represent two nations whose interests are opposite.
Whatever is the fault of Greece´s mess it doesn´t matter or doesn´t change so much, what changes the life of the people is the outcome.
An outcome on which in a real democracy PEOPLE should have their saying, but they do not.
Behind Varoufakis is a country that has lost hopes and future since long and desperately wants to believe that there still IS a future, at least for their children.
Behind Schäuble, as difficult as it can look, there is the same.
WHY SHOULD German people pay for the "faults" of the banks and the financial world?
Why should the Greek people pay for the faults and misdemeanor of their own politicians, banks and financial guys?
The answer is very simple: none of the two, so no agreement.


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