Monday, November 17, 2008

How to make (easy) money

First and unavoidable: YOU MUST BE a Telecom.

Second: You must have it in your blood (the instinct how to cheat your customers)

Third: you must squeeze your customers in order to pay huge salaries to your managers.
(Which in principle should sound like this: The Managers suck the customers in order to pay huge salaries to themselves)

Fourth: Try to "involve" as many politicians as you can.

One clear example of the written and stated above:

They got rich and still get rich doing what many did in another fields.
They are like Art and Antique dealers.

The firsts (Art and Antique dealers) buy Junk and sell Art and Antiques, the seconds (Telecoms) buy VoIP and sell normal telephone calls...

That is where the profit comes...