Saturday, November 22, 2008

There is nowhere to hide from the collapse of 2008: that is Globalisation

A few European stocks are up this year and it looks like there are almost no stocks showing gains.
And they say Globalisation doesn't work.
What it surely fails to do is producing profits, but this is another story.
Many asset prices were pumped up in years past by excessive debt, and are now falling while investors reduced their borrowing.
Bubble after bubble we have (finally) come to the biggest bubble of all: the Economy bubble.
But it is not the Economy problem, as it is not the Globalisation problem.
What very few say and the others won't see is what is lacking from the picture: the swindlers' list.
And to put a stop to this catastrophe the only thing they are able to do is shovelling cash into any enterprise that declares suffering (nice word for bankruptcy) and the only effect they reach is killing the value of that cash.
The World has changed faster than forecasted and may be in a different direction, what hasn't changed is the way to solve the problems.
It is like beginning to drink to forget your problems, at the end you finish much worse than you began, you are in the same shit, but you are additionally addicted to alcohol.
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