Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Intelligent Designer

“Modern evolutionary biology is mostly wrong. Life arose through multiple creation events by an intelligent designer, although evolution by natural selection played a limited role.”

The answer to all is in the DNA.
This secret (no more so) code which tells the cells how to reproduce and what to build.
A human will be a human because his DNA tells the cells how to create a human, a dog will be a dog for the same reason.
Yes I agree, there must be a big brain behind all this.
And of course the DNA changes and "evolves" because it is programmed to do so.
You must adapt to the conditions of the environment in which you have to live and to reproduce.
This explains the evolution and most of the illnesses of today.
Our DNA is trying to "evolve" because the environment is changing.
But since its changing is not following the usual patterns, so the DNA makes mistakes or what we see as mistakes.

We have to stop thinking that what we do not understand and cannot explain doesn't exist...
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