Thursday, November 27, 2008

Being creative is the first step to success

Since Online is becoming the only way for a company to "BE" its website is its Business Card.
Remember: Cheap editions of great books may be delightful, but cheap editions of great websites are absolutely detestable.
That means it is worth trying to make it the best you can.
That also means as much different as possible from all other websites.
Of course you shouldn't forget that your website should be very usable and have great content, but it is actually the look that will make it successful or not.
Don't forget that our is the "visual society", a society where we are daily bombed by millions of images, so that we only see a few of them.
You should make your website one of them...
First you have to find your style.
Your own, unique style.
Just like an artist would do.
Are you an impressionist, or expressionist, or a minimalist?
Your website should reflect that.
They say Web design isn’t art, I do not agree.
What is art?
Art is writing, painting reality as we see it.
While reality or a story can be dull, writing or painting it can mean making something poetic or artistic.
Living a story can be ordinary, telling it can be poetry.
So, your content can express what one thousand other websites say and show.
The way you do it, could be Art.
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