Saturday, November 22, 2008

The oil Trap

You should be quite astonished to realize oil's price has come to one third (even less) in less then six months.
And for no tangible reason.
What do I read:
In July: Oil resources are limited while the demand is unlimited.
In November: Oil resources are limited, but that doesn't mean the World will stop.
It just means the world will consume less and the ones who sell will earn less.
It means that a high price makes alternative energy so much cheaper.
It is what happened in the 70s.
We all talked about alternative energy, then the price went down and we just went on consuming the "cheaper" energy.
Now is our turn civilized world.
Will we fall again in the trap?
Being dependent on the production of a kind of energy which is out of our hands?
Or will we go on the new road of producing fuel we can and will ALWAYS afford? Or will we just think: let's think of today, tomorrow something will happen...
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