Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to Caos

Yes, I am finally back.
From a country where not only trains and planes are in time, now they even are earlier...
After arriving in Milano 40 minutes earlier on the plane, we managed to lose all the time with the usual Italian strike.
After a delay of 5 hours on a trip of 2 hours, we were even happy that we got a train and could be home at 1.30 in the morning.
The site was quite depressing, old dirty trains (the few we could see).
Most trips were cancelled, and the few remaining had up to 24 hours delay...
But, as I said, we were really lucky.
Had we chosen the next day we wouldn't even had been able to touch the Italian soil...with the airport strike...
Well Italy is definitely not the place to be, at least right now.
You would think that when people reach the bottom the only thing they have to do is beginning to rise.
That is not true for Italy.
Italians, as usual, know better, they are trying to dig further, hoping to come up in the opposite Hemisphere.
Well, dreaming costs nothing and helps to survive... Good Luck!
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