Sunday, November 23, 2008

Single since long, or since little, or going to be, or aiming to be, or thinking to be?

Single since long, or since little, or going to be, or aiming to be, or thinking to be?
If any of these, this post is for you.
And it is a post written by somebody who is happily married since ten years with someone she met on the Internet, which is not the proof that a matchmaking service will do your happiness, but it is a proof that it can, so, why not try?
And you are not supposed to be looking for a husband or wife, may be just make friends or find people to date and who knows? The rest may or will come.
Marriage is a hard task, hard in the sense that the perfect match doesn’t exist, but the perfect adaptation to a match does.
When you learn that simple principle you are ready to get married.
But, of course, you have to be able to chose.
That is where a date site comes into the picture.
Of course you cannot spend your entire time writing to a million women or men and keeping a good conversation with all.
So, first you have to ask yourself what kind of person you are looking for.
Second where can you find him or her, or, better, where can you find that somebody who looks like the one you would eventually like to meet?
There are sites where you can meet a certain type of person (if you are 50 of course you won't go in a teen agers site).
Or others where you can have online matchmaking option, "which uses a scientific method for helping singles find happiness in permanent alliances".
Technology comes to rescue people's loneliness...
Or in case you are just looking to expand your social life, you can post your profile and just wait... and wait...
If your waiting is too long, you'd better reshape your profile, because there is something wrong with it...
The Internet is a powerful tool to reach your goals, but you need to help it a little bit...
This is my advice:

1) Post a very nice picture of you.
2) Talk only about the nice things of you
3) Avoid mentioning the bad part

Don't worry. When you'll come to the point, you will probably find he or she did the same too...and you will probably be too involved to stop the relationship.
But if you or she or he does?
Don't worry, online there are million of singles (and the number grows everyday) and you will find the right match!!!
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