Saturday, November 01, 2008

Are they brave or they just do not know what they are doing?

There is a main difference between a young person and an old one.
The first doesn't care about risks, very often drives at full speed, climbs hard mountains, and does the most weird actions risking his life.
An old person tends to over evaluate risks, sometimes limiting his own actions for fear of dying.
It is not a matter of bravery or cowardice, it is matter of being closer to the moment.
The closer you get, the more you try to avoid it.
That is life and survival instinct.
But it is also a matter of realizing what you do and thinking before doing.

The same in my opinion applies to the fact that many more teenagers are getting pregnant and want to keep the child.
Which is much better than once, when girls (and boys of course) had sex and didn't want the consequence of it, mostly for a hypocrite view of the society, where you used to be an outsider, if you didn't follow certain rules, one of them being the one which required to be married to have a child.

“Like so many other American families who are in the same situation, I think it’s great that she instilled in her daughter the values to have the child and not to sneak off someplace and have an abortion.”
“even though young children are making that decision to become pregnant, they’ve also decided to take responsibility for their actions and decided to follow up with that and get married and raise this child.”

But I still think we are far away from the right decision.
The society accepts new rules, but what about the child?
We often see children raised by old people, who tend to spoil them, making them children who have less and less of the child first and of a responsible person later.
Education makes tomorrow's citizens, and tomorrow's citizens make tomorrow's society.

I see in this a sign of the Chaos we are living in.
You take away rules and you do not make a free society, you just make disoriented people.
I am far away from proposing a dictatorial state, but very close to a country where people are free to chose, but are also able to chose.
Freedom is a precious goal, and a difficult one too.
Being able to chose makes you responsible for what you do, but are you ready for the consequences of your actions?
Is a teenager ready to be a mother at fifteen, sixteen?
Or is it just the way to give a second (often unwanted) chance to old people to be parents?
Or worse, is it the desire to have a second chance?
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