Monday, November 17, 2008

About remodelling...

I think I have reached the age in which if I decide to remodel it is worth a lot thinking of remodelling my home.
I have given up remodelling myself, just looking around at the women of my age with new noses, new chins and terrible new lips.
But how refreshing and satisfying sitting in a brand new living room and working in a brand new kitchen!
One of the thing I always envied to the Americans is how most of them can make a house looking like a real home.
I guess the main secret is that they have a good choice and great ideas from companies like Dallas Remodeling.
In principle for them it is a need and a good investment.
A need because they have to change home quite often and a good investment because a nice looking home is much easier to sell.
Remodeling in Dallas is a good return of investment.
First you enjoy upgrading your kitchen and bathroom (without forgetting the bedroom of course), then you can save on energy consummation investing in better windows and doors and in an isolated roof of course.
Second adding a garage or new space to the existing besides giving you more room for living, gives also a better value to your home.
Third, you can also add new mirrors which think twice before reflecting what they see.
I personally love those who make you looking much taller and thinner...I know it is a trick, but my day begins in a much better way when I see a good looking woman in the mirror.
Well, I just "remodelled" myself in the easiest way...
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