Thursday, November 27, 2008

Go green also with your car insurance

If a Car insurance is something you need, why not making the best out of it?
And the best could mean saving up to £182, money that could help you to pay for a "greener" car and a "greener" world.
Green car insurance could be the right answer to it.
Or if you prefer: Eco friendly car insurance.
If the must of today's economy is energy independence, the must of energy independency means also green energy to help against polluting the air we breath.
But what does it really mean to go "carbon neutral"?
While the best way would be going by foot or bicycle, since in certain situations it is unavoidable to use the car, we could start with reducing CO2 emissions.
You should first keeping the right pressure on your tires, then maintaining the good performance of your car with frequent services, reduce your speed.
And that is the easy way with your car.
You can also save buying the right low consuming light bulbs, saving water, reusing plastic bags, reuse your waste and so on...
But now you can also contribute to avoid the world's pollution buying carbon credits from a portfolio of projects, all done for reducing the waste and saving energy.
ibuyeco insurance will purchase them in your behalf.
Isn't it nice the feeling we are actually doing something about pollution instead of just TALKING?
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