Monday, November 17, 2008

What I learned from...movies

When I was a child (long time ago) I attended a Religious school.
Very often we were showed movies which had the purpose to be "Educational helper".
If a picture is worth 1K words, a movie (we called it film) is worth 1 million.
Usually it was the story of a family where the grandmother was a crippled, chained to a wheelchair, the mother a widow since long, with many children, a lousy job and more work than life.
The main character was one of the sons, usually born with some physical handicap, who thanks to his work, his faith in God, was able to help himself and his family no matter how many problems and troubles happened in his life.
That was done to remind you that, no matter how bad your life was, there is always somebody who is in a worse situation, whose life is more difficult, but Religion and Faith will help you no matter what.

Later, as a grown up, my taste in films changed.
I saw Blow up, Easy Rider, all the Spaghetti Western and so on.
I realized that life was different, that no matter how rich you were, there was always somebody wealthier than you, that life was full of fucking bastards and criminals, that dying was much easier than what you could believe, that nothing could really help you, that the criminals were always a step ahead of you and so on...

What did I learn?
That Movies, as much as they can resemble life, are always something else.
That there is no good or bad, no good way of living, no bad way of living.
There is you and there is one life.
And you live it as you can, with mistakes and good and bad.
Nothing can really prepare or teach you for life.
Movies are worth 1 million words, but you still need the 1 million and one.
Religion and faith can help you, if you really believe in them, the problem is believing.
Movies tell you the life of somebody else, which you can like or dislike.
But he is still somebody else.
Just like a book you enjoy reading.
When you arrive to the end, you read the last page, you close the book and you see YOUR WORLD and YOUR LIFE.
The show, too bad, has an end...
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