Saturday, November 22, 2008

Often Tales have more wisdom than men

Today I am going to write a tale.
There were two teams, both of 7 members, who had a rowing boat contest.
One of them won for one mile even though they both were in the best shape.
The losers decided to dig the reasons of failure and elected a committee to do so.
They found out that while the winning team had six people on the rows and one captain, the losers had one man on the rows and six captains.
So, to dig further they hired a company specialized in "failure analysis".
The result was the following: they decided to have 3 captains, two supervisors, one managing the supervisors and one man to the rows.
They didn't neglect to give incentives to the man on the rows.
Next year they lost for two miles.
First move of course was to fire the man on the rows, since he was clearly unable to do his job.
The managers got good bonuses because, in spite of the defeat, they proved to be good in their managing job.
They ordered a further enquire and came to the conclusion they had to change the boat.
I let you imagine the results.
Doesn't it look a little bit like reality?
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