Friday, November 21, 2008

A new look deserves the right frame...

This Christmas I am going to have a new look.
Something you can remember for long.
I will try that new "lifting" lotion that promises miracles, a new short dress, may be a red dress, and new special Holiday frames for my glasses.
There is nothing that can change a face more than a new pair of glasses.
Especially if they are "star shaped" like the ones I have in mind.
They are green, which goes perfectly with a red dress (but also with a nice navy blue coat), green cashmere shawl ( I already saw the right one on eBay and I am just waiting the last minute to bid).
They are 100% plastic and of course they are not too expensive, on the contrary they are really cheap, but they have the quality I mostly like: to be cheap and look tremendously expensive.
Some years ago, before the Internet arrived on the scene you only had a few shops to go to buy what you liked and the prices were much higher than today.
And besides you had to spend a lot of time shopping, looking and buying.
Today you go in the right website, where they have the best frames and also prescription glasses and you can spend even less than what I am going to spend: just $8!
But mine are something special and I am happy to spend something more...

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