Friday, November 28, 2008

How a small company can do great things

Most of what was once individual work has turned into a team work.
Individualism is not dead, but a new way of cooperation is born.
I do a part and you do the other part, so that together we will be able to do what we wouldn't be able to do by ourselves.
This is the secret behind small companies that do great things.
The other secret is that now a days it is much easier to work in a group, while working individually.
For that you need just the right project management software.
A software that can integrate data from all parts of your business and making it available to everyone who touches your projects.
It is like all for one and one for all.
This is valid since the early stage till the final point.
In order to fulfil all requirements a web-based software must include integrated time sheets, that allow you a real-time awareness of resource investment in every project, and which deliver status reports automatically updated.
And the multi tasking project can begin in the early stages of project, managing task assignments, resource availability, roles and rates, and later monitoring due dates, tracking performance while precisely estimating time and hours per employee in order to maximize resource utilization.

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