Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freedom of disconnection

In New Zealand a new copyright act went into effect on 1st November. The most controversial clause has been delayed until 28th February. This clause says that an ISP must have a policy of disconnecting anyone repeatedly accused of copyright infringment. ...

That means if you download too much and for too long they have the right to cut you out.
There's no oppourtunity to defend yourself, no recourse for reconnection, and there's no penalty for false accusations. If you want someone off the internet you need only repeatedly accuse them of copyright infringement ("repeatedly" has legal precidents to mean 3 times). Aparently file sharing is so bad you don't even get a trial (can they not see where that logic leads?).

If that is in New Zealand, I shouldn't bother, but I do.
The Internet was the "Land of Freedom" and it is slowly getting exactly like the rest of the world. Not even virtual reality belongs to you.
I want a place where I can at least dream to be free...
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